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"Black Pawn" (Second one of my fic novel series, "Ghost Doll") - Yami no Matsuei Het and Yuri [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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"Black Pawn" (Second one of my fic novel series, "Ghost Doll") [Oct. 11th, 2010|09:35 am]


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Title: Black Pawn
Genre: Horror, Drama, Supernatural, Romance, Mystery
Pairing type: Yuri (for this one)
Rating: R (Violence and some sexual content)
Characters: General cast with OCs
OC+OC (For this one)
Chapter: Thirty chapters
Spoilers: There is a little bit of a spoiler in the story when Tsuzuki talks to Becky.
Summary: Second one of my series, "Ghost Doll." Anna gets the motivation for revenge against Haruka after she gets an e-mail telling her to look up a document about her dead aunts. She turns to Tsuzuki and the Shinigami to help her. Meanwhile, Emiko and Hotaru plot to get Tsuzuki and Anna together as a couple. This one is laced with shoujo-ai, histories of the Eda-Kimoto, characters, and relationships, and new characters.
Author's Notes: This is a bit different than most Yami no Matsuei fics. I'm still trying to prefect the story myself.

Black Pawn