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"Black Cherry" (Seventh one of my fic novel series, "Ghost Doll") - Yami no Matsuei Het and Yuri [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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"Black Cherry" (Seventh one of my fic novel series, "Ghost Doll") [Jul. 1st, 2011|11:15 pm]


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Title: Black Cherry
Author: Noizchild
Rating: R (Lemon and blood)
Pairing type: Het with a little shoujo-ai
Pairing Tsuzuki + OC, OC + OC
Genre: Hentai, Drama, Romance, Supernatural
Chapter: Twenty-six chapters and an omake
Seventh one of my series, "Ghost Doll." Anna's time is running out. Tsuzuki is faced with the task of taking the Hell Stone out of her body before she becomes white ash. Only, he doesn't want to do that. So when Kato appears to him with the solution, Tsuzuki ends up putting Anna through a month-long battle to survival. Tsuzuki + OC still. I'm planning on having some lemons in the story.

I don't own YnM. That belongs to Yoko Matsushita.

This is a bit different than most Yami no Matsuei fics. I'm still trying to prefect the story myself. Yes, there are some spoilers in the story.

Actual Fic: http://www.mediaminer.org/fanfic/view_st.php/168507